CCPE Ltd. is the brand for providing well rounded services for complete project needs. From concept to design to the prototype we are able to meet your needs. We complete projects on time using innovative methods that put our clients ahead of their competition. Each project is analyzed to find the true scope then planned to meet the end goals as cost effectively as possible. If we do not have experience, we research the topic for information and make decisions to accept the work based on our experiences from the past in dealing with project that elevated learn curves have been incorporated. No projects are accepted that we cannot deliver the best end product possible. Inventors, we are willing to review and potentially sign nondisclosure agreements to protect your ideas.


Carl L. Cunningham has been mechanically inclined all of his life. He started like any other boy in the 1960's and 70's building go karts and wrenching on motorcycles. He was always interested in science related subjects. He started working young in restaurants progressing to be a junior chef before joining the Marine Corp. While in the Marine Corps he pursued his Motorcycle hobby learning to build internal combustion motors for high performance applications. This allowed him to build complete motorcycles for racing purposes for a wide range of racing styles. From drag racers to road racer and dirt racing of all kinds. He became proficient in both 2 cycle and four cycle internal combustion theories, building motors that delivered the power required. Complete cassis design was also mastered. When out of the Military motorcycles dominated his career path working by day as a motorcycle mechanic and wrenching on race bikes at night, traveling to races on weekends seeking the glory of the winners circle. In the Late 1980's when the motorcycle industry boom was drawing to a major slow down Carl went to work at a concrete producer in a sand and gravel quarry and worked his way towards responsible positions seeking all the knowledge he could gather. After twenty years in the concrete industry he sought engineering licensure with the state of Nevada and after 2 years accomplished his goal. During the 20 years with the concrete producer he designed many different production operations for concrete, sand and gravel and the golf green industry. He partnered with Jonel Engineering on many projects and helped to produce batch plants capable high production levels, leading the industry in yards per hour with product quality being considered at all times. He has been able to help automate many processes implementing state of the art logic systems with equipment he designed. He has always been a willing partner to overcome the unknown and be able to make intelligent decisions after the gathering of data was completed.